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Nightmare Kazoo 2

A Spear in the

Side of a Star


Another story featuring Daisy Bones, Charlie Vile, and Rodney Pole from my 2020 comic Nightmare Kazoo.


Initially this comic was going to be about Rod finding a new hand, so the working title remains "The Hand Job". As a lifelong cermudgeon, the "wellness" industry rubs me up the wrong way somehow, so this is a comic about what happens when filthy, monstrous criminals Nightmare Kazoo end up hiding out in a health spa. Also featuring: Gwyneth Paltrow in league with eldritch horror.

This is a more slapstick, light-hearted story than many of my previous productions, because I try and mix things up a bit - it's not all witsful sadness. It's also a monster compared to previous comics, weighing in around 240 pages so far. Given the limited time I have to work on these, it may never see the light of day, but I'll keep updates posted here as I go!

I'm developing this comic based on a dream I had - no wait, don't run away, it was a surprisingly coherant dream!

It's going to be about climate change, kind of. It's set in a world where civilzation has moved beyond fossil fuel for power, following the violent detereoration of their environment. A few polluting autonomous machines remain, posing a threat to the survival of the world.

I built on the dream for the backbone of the plot, and general atmosphere. I have the plot skeleton down, and I'm currently just playing around with character deisgns and random images like the one above to get an idea of how the comic will "feel".

I expect this to come in at under 100 pages, hopefuly out within the next six months (as of December 2020)

Red Man.png

TOP: Nightmare Kazoo House - (2021 version)

ABOVE: Nightmare Kazoo travel through the desert in a stolen car (panel)

TOP: Machines moving through archipelago (concept)

ABOVE: Early character designs for protagonist

BELOW: Early designs for "tank buster"

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