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What is Alex Newton? Where is he? Why is he? These are all questions which cannot be answered, and frankly shouldn’t be asked. Nevertheless, there are some scant facts that we can agree on. I can tell you that he is rumoured to last have been seen exiting this solar system at high velocity, bound for the darkest corner of the universe; his only plan to collapse in on himself, and form a black hole, and thus be immortalised in the footnotes of New Scientist. I believe this to be a lie, but not an entirely unconvincing one. I can tell you that, regardless of how or why he has left, left he has, and I know this because he has left me behind, and this would be impossible if he was still around. Wherever he may be, I am here in South London, his only and perfect impersonator, a task I undertake with full-time and absolute seriousness. Such is the accuracy of my impression, that some people have claimed I am Alex Newton, a burdensome insult I am slowly learning to live with.

About “me”: I have been making comics since I was a kid, starting off on paper, then chopping, scanning, and posting on early web comics sites in the late 00’s. Since 2019, I have moved to print, self publishing five comics in the last few years which I sell in shops in London, and all over the world through my online shop. I have big plans for the future, with a pivot to illustration work, as well as new comics, both independently and commercially published, on the horizon. If you are interested in commissioning me, working with me, or just want to say “hi”, you can reach me via the methods below. My convenient terrestrial location allows rapid response. I look forwards to hearing from you. Everything I have for sale is available through this website, as well as a sample of my work, and you can find many more illustrations on my Instagram, which I update weekly.
Many thanks
“Alex Newton”

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